Lower back foam rolling

3 foam roller exercises for your back  Foam rolling exercises are a great addition to your recovery tool kit. It’s safe, effective and easy to do in your own time. Although it isn’t a “silver bullet” it can definitely help you relieve muscle tension, pain and improve recovery and function. When it comes to foam… Continue reading Lower back foam rolling

Fixing neck hump – what can I do?

Fixing my neck hump – what can I do about it? People of ask our Newcastle Chiropractor about “fixing my neck hump”?This neck hump is also commonly referred to as a Dowager’s hump. As people are spending more time on phones, at the computer for desk and are less aware and of the postural stressors… Continue reading Fixing neck hump – what can I do?

Core exercises for lower back pain

Practicing core exercises helps to create a strong, functional and pain free back…this probably doesn’t come as a surprise! What do you need for a healthy lower back? Our bodies are innately intelligent and are designed for optimal performance.In saying that, if we want our spine to continue performing optimally and to prevent problems developing,… Continue reading Core exercises for lower back pain

Tights hips leading to lower back pain?

Your tights hips and lower back pain may be connected… Your lower back and hips share a close relationship. They are right next to each other, sharing a number different muscles and movements, so they don’t often work in isolation! When both parties are in balance, things tend to work better.On the flip side, if… Continue reading Tights hips leading to lower back pain?


Treating a scoliosis and the accompanying symptoms often requires combining a few difference, yet complementary approaches.Each person is difference and each curve is unique, so a personalised program of care provides a solution for better results!There are a few things that will shape a scoliosis treatment program, such as how big the curve is, how… Continue reading SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT


June is scoliosis awareness month! At Level Spine Chiropractic we love helping people with with scoliosis. Chiropractic care can be a great means to help manage symptoms and in combination with specific Chiropractic adjustments, Corrective Chiropractic care can help to get a level of structural stabilisation and even improvement, meaning better long term results! So… Continue reading WHAT IS A SCOLIOSIS

Healing requires these 3 things.

Healing is a journey.The symptoms and dis-ease you may be experiencing can be a result of a dysfunctional system gathering momentum over time. This is the result of a process.There may have been a particular event which has cause trauma and resulted in an injury.Either way, the process of healing is a journey. It can… Continue reading Healing requires these 3 things.

Low Back Pain, a cause often missed.

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Pain is our bodies way of telling us something isn’t right. That means that low back pain is a symptom rather than a a disease. The most common form of low back pain is known as “non-specific” For almost all cases there is no one… Continue reading Low Back Pain, a cause often missed.

What’s your Neck curve look like?

If you happened to have read the last blog, you would have seen that loosing your normal neck curve is an often overlook and under addressed cause of many spinal issues. These include:– Neck pain– Headaches and migraines– Stiffness and neck tension– Upper back tension– Changes in nervous system function– May contribute to abnormal spinal… Continue reading What’s your Neck curve look like?

Have you hurt your low back from bending or lifting before?

How often do you hear of someone hurting their back from bending down to pick something up or lifting up something? It may in the gym, at work or at home. You may have even experienced this yourself! This is so often the case because people don’t engage proper form and technique when doing so.… Continue reading Have you hurt your low back from bending or lifting before?