Straight Neck?

Straight Neck? What does your neck curve look like. What is a normal neck curve?   Our neck isn’t designed to be straight. It is designed to have a natural “C” shaped curve to it, called a cervical lordosis. This normal posture provides “shock absorbing” properties for your spine and places even load throughout the bony… Continue reading Straight Neck?

Fixing neck hump – what can I do?

Fixing my neck hump – what can I do about it? People of ask our Newcastle Chiropractor about “fixing my neck hump”?This neck hump is also commonly referred to as a Dowager’s hump. As people are spending more time on phones, at the computer for desk and are less aware and of the postural stressors… Continue reading Fixing neck hump – what can I do?

Concussion Assessment

Playing sports can sometimes result in head injuries and concussion.A concussion injury is a serious condition in itself and should be taken care of. If it is not resolved however, it can lead to post concussion syndrome, where the effects of concussion can last for many months following the injury. In this blog we explain… Continue reading Concussion Assessment


Neck rehab exercises may play an important role in your Chiropractic BioPhysics corrective program.Practicing your corrective exercises helps to support your adjustments and spinal traction, encourages movement in the direction of a normal neck curve and builds muscle strength. Neck rehab exercise #1: Mirror image neck exercises This is the first video in our neck… Continue reading NECK REHAB EXERCISES


When the winter months roll in we often hear… “I’ve noticed my body feels more tight and stiff when it gets cold!” You may have noticed in the colder months your body doesn’t quite feel as sharp as it normally does… Maybe you have noticed more stiffness through your lower back, tightness in your neck,… Continue reading FELLING TIGHT AND STIFF?