Tights hips leading to lower back pain?

Your tights hips and lower back pain may be connected…

Your lower back and hips share a close relationship. They are right next to each other, sharing a number different muscles and movements, so they don’t often work in isolation!

When both parties are in balance, things tend to work better.
On the flip side, if there is dysfunction in one area, it is often reflected in other areas.

Dysfunction can occur in a few different ways… for instance:

  • There can be muscle dysfunction (imbalance between certain muscles)
  • joint dysfunction (poorly controlled and moving joints)
  • Faulty movement patterns
  • Changes to the structure of the spine
  • Poor brain-body connection

More often than not, it’s a combination of the above that occur together…everything is connected!

As Chiropractors, we take an inside out approach. So if we start with the most midline structure of your body, it is your spine.

Your spine is your core structure

We want to make sure your spine is functioning and working as well as it should be… and help you keep it like that!

We primarily do this through specific Chiropractic adjustments. The purpose of each adjustments is to restore normal motion to spinal joints. This helps to keep your spine healthy and to remove a level of interference with the communication pathways between your brain and body as a result spinal dysfunction.

It’s not uncommon once you restore health back to your spine, that there is more even tone around your hips and spine, so they stop “pulling”.
That’s because you nervous system is more efficiently able to coordinate the function of this area as a whole.

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If tights hips continue to pull and create lower back pain and dysfunction, then you’ll likely need to spend some more TLC on your hips… often in the form of mobility work.

Move your tight hips and ease the lower back pain

Tight hip muscles and poor movement patterns can reduce hip mobility, because of the close relationship which your lower back, this can pull unevenly on your lower spine

This can stiffen the whole area up whilst being a reason you don’t hold your adjustments as well as you should and why your lower back pain persists/cycles back.

A solution for this is to work on your hip mobility!

Our Newcastle Chiropractor Sasha will show you a hip movement routine in the video below.