What’s your Neck curve look like?

If you happened to have read the last blog, you would have seen that loosing your normal neck curve is an often overlook and under addressed cause of many spinal issues.

These include:
– Neck pain
– Headaches and migraines
– Stiffness and neck tension
– Upper back tension
– Changes in nervous system function
– May contribute to abnormal spinal degeneration.

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A “straight neck” neck has been said to be a curve of 25º or less.

This is know a HYPO-lordosis of the cervical spine.

So a NORMAL neck curve should measures anywhere between 30º and 40º, which looks like a continuous “C” shape curve on your X-ray.

“Normal” also depends on what research paper you read!
One criteria for establishing a “normal range”, is a range where people don’t experience symptoms, like the above-mentioned.

What we also see very commonly with a reduced neck curve is what is called “Anterior Head Syndrome“.
That is when your head gets stuck forward to your shoulders.

This type of posture you may notice in photos of yourself or when looking in front of the mirror.
You may have also notice the development of a ‘hump’ forming on the back of your neck!


From your history and findings we may want to assess your spinal shape. If that’s the case we can refer you out for a special type of X-ray called an EOS scan.
This is a low dose, full spine, standing X-ray.
We use specific software designed by surgeons to accurately measure your spinal structure – including your neck curve!
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If you qualify for Chiropractic care, then YES, we may be able help!

We are the only Chiropractic office in Newcastle to offer the most researched means of non surgical spinal correction – Chiropractic BioPhysics.

Its also important acknowledge that a change in your neck curve is usually not the only problem when taking a “big picture” approach to spinal health.

Functional problems with the movement of spinal joints, contributing to muscle imbalances and poor postural habits, go hand-in-hand which structural changes.

Our primary focus for everyone we see is to restore proper motion into Subluxated spinal joints (fixated joints), assisting in your ability to create balance within your spine and body.

In addition to this we provide in office spinal traction (when appropriate) and recommend specific at-home corrective exercises!

Your spine is your core structure and has far reaching effects on your entire body!

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CBP is leading the way in postural correction and spinal rehabilitation as a means of not just addressing pain, but optimising function and performance.

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