Posture and Health: The Big Picture

Posture and Health Discover the profound connection between posture and health through the lens of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). We’ll explore how our posture influences overall well-being and how CBP offers unique insights and methods to correct and maintain optimal spinal alignment for better health.As we navigate the challenges of modern life, understanding the impact of… Continue reading Posture and Health: The Big Picture

Chiropractic BioPhysics Newcastle

What is Chiropractic Biophysics? Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is the most advanced Chiropractic technique. It aims to improve the structure and function of your spine and keep your body working at its best. It is a refined system of analysing your spinal structure through X-rays, computerized analysis, and postural examination to identify specific areas of poor… Continue reading Chiropractic BioPhysics Newcastle

Posture Chiropractor near me

Young asian woman is sitting at work and has pain in her neck while she is sitting in the office working

Good posture is not just about standing up straight and looking confident. It is a key factor in maintaining your overall health and well-being. As a posture focused Chiropractor, we know proper posture helps to prevent a variety of health problems, including chronic pain, muscle tension, and even digestive issues. In this blog, we will… Continue reading Posture Chiropractor near me

Concussion Assessment

Playing sports can sometimes result in head injuries and concussion.A concussion injury is a serious condition in itself and should be taken care of. If it is not resolved however, it can lead to post concussion syndrome, where the effects of concussion can last for many months following the injury. In this blog we explain… Continue reading Concussion Assessment


Lower back extension exercises may play an important role in your Chiropractic BioPhysics corrective program.This series of exercises will help you increase the stability of lower back by strengthening you lower back extensor muscles. By doing so, this will help support your adjustment and spinal traction.It is recommended that you work through theses exercises prior… Continue reading LOWER BACK EXTENSION EXERCISES

GOOD POSTURE GUIDE: Unlocking Better Posture.

Welcome to Our Good Posture Blog at Level Spine Chiropractic Newcastle! At Level Spine Chiropractic we stand to provide you with the best in Chiropractic care. In this blog, you’ll discover some of the essentials of maintaining optimal postural health and how it influences overall health. We’re excited to guide you through what good posture… Continue reading GOOD POSTURE GUIDE: Unlocking Better Posture.

Looking to improve your thoracic mobility?

If you living with worsening mid back stiffness and restricted movement, then stick around because this short blog may provide you with some effective tools to guide you towards better movement and health!Not only doesn’t poor thoracic mobility create mid back stiffness and poor movement, it may also be a reason why you are dealing… Continue reading Looking to improve your thoracic mobility?

Chiropractor near me

Chiropractor near me – What to expect on your first visit with our Newcastle Chiropractor. You have looked for a “Chiropractor near me” and making a booking for your first visit can be the most challenging step to take. You may be unsure about who to see to get the results you need.We want to… Continue reading Chiropractor near me

Core exercises for lower back pain

Practicing core exercises helps to create a strong, functional and pain free back…this probably doesn’t come as a surprise! What do you need for a healthy lower back? Our bodies are innately intelligent and are designed for optimal performance.In saying that, if we want our spine to continue performing optimally and to prevent problems developing,… Continue reading Core exercises for lower back pain

Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.

Posture is a window into the spine! Many of us are aware of poor postural patterns we can develop, like a head forward posture and slumping through upper back, which can result form: We are also often aware of the abnormal stress these postures places on our spines! Over time, these patters of poor posture… Continue reading Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.