Don’t let pain get in your way

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. As leading chiropractors in Newcastle, we understand it’s not just about the pain but how it can get in life’s way.

Have you found yourself asking…

Newcastle’s only Chiropractor correcting POSTURE, with Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) - the world’s most advanced Chiropractic technique.

How can Chiropractic care help?

Be confident in your body again

1. Schedule an appointment

At Level Spine Chiropractic Newcastle, we always perform a thorough history and detailed exam to best understand your spinal health concerns, its impact on your quality of life and your goals.

2. Objective state of the art testing

Our chiropractors in Newcastle use leading edge technologies, such as posture screen analysis, Myovision surface EMG, computerised balance scoring, and X-Ray analysis (if required). We will determine if and how we can best help you.

3. Personalised evidence-based treatment plans

Specific chiropractic adjustments combined with corrective rehabilitation and exercises will help you get better results faster and stay healthier for longer. Our chiropractic treatment plans in Newcastle are tailored specifically for the individual.

Our clients speak about us

Laurens van der Sluijs
Laurens van der Sluijs
Highly recommend for anyone looking for a local chiropractic clinic. Best chiropractor in Newcastle 5/5
Beth Curran
Beth Curran
Sascha of Level Spine Chiropractic has a wealth of knowledge and has been able to help my pain levels and headaches substantially. I have suffered with pain for over a decade from a car accident causing bulging discs in my neck and a running injury causing lower back pain and associated problems. I’ve been seeing numerous practitioners over the years but nothing has helped as much as the adjustments I receive from Sascha. Totally trust and recommend him!
Nikki Tabley
Nikki Tabley
So happy to have been working with Sasha for over a year now. I really appreciate the time that he has taken to explain the process throughout my time at Level Spine and he always gives me great tips to help me progress in my alignment journey. Thankyou 🙏🏽💫
Abbie Leigh
Abbie Leigh
Best chiropractor in Newcastle! I have been to a few chiros in Newy with lower back pain and straight away noticed the professionalism from Sasha. His expertise and knowledge is excellent and the adjustments he does are second to none. Alex is also a lovely receptionist and was really helpful with providing information on the treatment plan.
Last week was experiencing severe back/shoulder pain, I randomly walked in without an appointment, Sasha made time for me and seen me straight away! He has hands of magic and had me feeling better immediately, with most of the pain gone completely within 24 hours. I will forever be grateful for your service Sasha!
Dion Zaygy
Dion Zaygy
I am so thankful to Sasha for his expertise in putting my spine back into alignment, teaching me about good posture and how it improves my overall health by putting less stress on my nervous system. The exercises that I’ve been given help me daily by increasing the strength in my pelvis, supporting my spine, and has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders minimizing shoulder pain within a month. I am truly grateful as I spent so much money on acupunture and physio before Sasha was recommended to me.


You may have tried the following treatments without success.




Although these modalities all have their place in helping us feel better, they may just be patching up symptoms and not correcting the underlying issue. It’s just like putting a Band-Aid over a splinter that you haven’t removed! This is where a chiropractor in Newcastle may be able to help you.

You’ll find our chiropractic office in the vibrant Newcastle suburb of Mayfield.

Frequently asked questions

People often attend our chiropractic clinic in Hamilton (Newcastle) with an issue that requires management or resolution. These include:

. Neck pain and Headaches

. Shoulder pain

. Low back pain and Sciatica

. Hip pain

. Postural tension and poor posture

. Muscle and other joint pain

. Stiffness and decrease spinal movement 

Others have specific goals they which we can help them to achieve. This includes:

. Athletes (of any skill level)

. Individuals wanting to look after their spinal health and posture

. Pregnant women wanting to look after their bodies during pregnancy

. Parents wanting to ensure their children are growing up with healthy spines and good posture

. People seeking a second opinion 

If you are unsure if we may be able to help, please feel free to call the chiropractors at our Hamilton (Newcastle) clinic. They will be more than happy to answer any questions.

A chiropractic adjustment is a quick but gentle application of a precise force into a specific region of the spine that is fixated, “locked up” or not moving as it should. The purpose of the adjustments is to progressively add movement back to those ‘stuck’ areas, helping the spine to gradually regain more normal motion and function. Restoring better spinal function can help improve mobility, decrease pain, remove postural distortions and allows for accurate communication between your brain and body. We are focused on performing specific chiropractic adjustments at our Hamilton (Newcastle) office.

In the vast majority of cases not at all. Each skilfully delivered adjustment is gentle, precise and tailored to each individual. Our Newcastle chiropractors are trained in a range of techniques (including low force techniques) which are utilised where appropriate to ensure the adjustments are gentle and effective.

When Chiropractic care is delivered by a trained Doctor of Chiropractic, it is safe (1,2).

Without the use of drugs or surgery, Chiropractic care is a conservative approach to healthcare.
Chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners who are trained to know when and when not to treat certain areas of the spine, depending on the individual’s past and current health history. You are in safe, professional hands at our chiropractic clinic in Hamilton (Newcastle).


Many people with varying levels of spinal arthritis (including bone spurs) achieve excellent results, such as improved pain levels, mobility, and function, with Chiropractic care. With more progressive levels of degeneration, the adjusting techniques used by our Newcastle chiropractors are modified to ensure maximal comfort and effectiveness.

Your health is your decision and how you choose to utilise Chiropractic care is completely up to you.

Your Chiropractor at our clinic in Hamilton (Newcastle) will recommend a personalised treatment plan based upon your goals and your test findings to help get you the results you deserve. Each individual care plan will vary because we are all unique, with unique spines and different lifestyles.

The longer a problem has been developing usually means a longer time for correction is required. 

If someone has experienced a lifetime of injures, compiling spinal health issues and without proper spinal care, this can result in irreversible spinal damage. This usually requires ongoing care to manage and keep on top of the problem.

Some individuals have sound spinal structure, keep active, and look after their bodies and therefore require less to get them back on track. The healthier lifestyle you live, the quicker the healing journey. 

Often people choose to utilise Chiropractic care in Newcastle as a successful means of looking after and maintaining positive spinal health. We are constantly exposed to an array of physical stressor (extensive sitting, staring at mobile phones, and minor traumas/injuries from work and sport) which can add up and take a toll on our spinal health.

The “cracking” sound that can often be heard is the release of gas within joints (vacuum effect) as motion is restored back to regions of the spine which lack movement. 

For those who do not like this, there are many other low force adjusting techniques we use at our chiropractic clinic in Hamilton (Newcastle), including:

  1. Drop-piece table
  2. Pelvic blocks 
  3. Activator and the Accustim adjusting instrument. 

We may take a different route, but we’re still heading towards the same goal!

Falls, mishaps and accidents are all too common when it comes to raising children. Most of the time they pick themselves up and brush themselves off. All is well…most of the time. Sometimes, however, these falls can cause misalignments in the spine. Children may experience pain or discomfort too. These spinal misalignments may look like a tilt in their shoulders or hips, a change in their walk or ability to play sports. Parents often bring their children in to get checked if they are concerned about their spinal health after a fall or if they feel their child’s posture is deteriorating. Whatever the reason for the visit, we reassure parents that the techniques used by our chiropractors in Newcastle are gentle and adapted to suit the growing spine of a child.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes and some of these changes may have an impact on the mother’s spine and pelvis. As the pregnant belly grows, the mother’s posture and centre of gravity change, which may place extra strain on these areas.  It is not uncommon for pregnancy to exacerbate a history of spinal issue such as low back pain and dysfunction because of these postural shifts and changes within your body. Chiropractic care may help to relieve the stress and pressure on the pelvis and spine, allowing the mother to have a more enjoyable pregnancy. Some of the issues that pregnant women come to our chiropractic clinic in Hamilton (Newcastle) for include sciatica, low back pain, headaches, sacro-iliac pain, hip pain, and mid back tension.  Our chiropractic treatment is modified for the pregnant women as we pay particular attention to the pelvis and surrounding pelvic ligaments.

Any other questions? Feel free to give us a call at our chiropractic clinic in Mayfield (Newcastle).