Posture Chiropractor near me

Young asian woman is sitting at work and has pain in her neck while she is sitting in the office working

Good posture is not just about standing up straight and looking confident. It is a key factor in maintaining your overall health and well-being. As a posture focused Chiropractor, we know proper posture helps to prevent a variety of health problems, including chronic pain, muscle tension, and even digestive issues. In this blog, we will… Continue reading Posture Chiropractor near me

Chiropractor near me

Chiropractor near me – What to expect on your first visit with our Newcastle Chiropractor. You have looked for a “Chiropractor near me” and making a booking for your first visit can be the most challenging step to take. You may be unsure about who to see to get the results you need.We want to… Continue reading Chiropractor near me

Core exercises for lower back pain

Practicing core exercises helps to create a strong, functional and pain free back…this probably doesn’t come as a surprise! What do you need for a healthy lower back? Our bodies are innately intelligent and are designed for optimal performance.In saying that, if we want our spine to continue performing optimally and to prevent problems developing,… Continue reading Core exercises for lower back pain

Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.

Posture is a window into the spine! Many of us are aware of poor postural patterns we can develop, like a head forward posture and slumping through upper back, which can result form: We are also often aware of the abnormal stress these postures places on our spines! Over time, these patters of poor posture… Continue reading Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.

Scoliosis check for children.

If you, or someone you know has children, it’s really important to know how to check them for scoliosis (perform a scoliosis screening). Early detection is key!Why is this?This is because juveniles (3-10 years of age) and adolescences (10-18) are at a higher risk of developing scoliosis and for it to develop at a rapid… Continue reading Scoliosis check for children.


When the winter months roll in we often hear… “I’ve noticed my body feels more tight and stiff when it gets cold!” You may have noticed in the colder months your body doesn’t quite feel as sharp as it normally does… Maybe you have noticed more stiffness through your lower back, tightness in your neck,… Continue reading FELLING TIGHT AND STIFF?


June is scoliosis awareness month! At Level Spine Chiropractic we love helping people with with scoliosis. Chiropractic care can be a great means to help manage symptoms and in combination with specific Chiropractic adjustments, Corrective Chiropractic care can help to get a level of structural stabilisation and even improvement, meaning better long term results! So… Continue reading WHAT IS A SCOLIOSIS


When it comes to the long term health of your spinal, structural alignment matters – including your lumbar lordosis!That is, the shape of your spine is important. This includes how well your spine is positioned from a front-on view – your spine should be straight from top to bottom like a ruler.When looking at the… Continue reading LUMBAR LORDOSIS – STRUCTURE EFFECTS FUNCTION

Healing requires these 3 things.

Healing is a journey.The symptoms and dis-ease you may be experiencing can be a result of a dysfunctional system gathering momentum over time. This is the result of a process.There may have been a particular event which has cause trauma and resulted in an injury.Either way, the process of healing is a journey. It can… Continue reading Healing requires these 3 things.

Low Back Pain, a cause often missed.

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Pain is our bodies way of telling us something isn’t right. That means that low back pain is a symptom rather than a a disease. The most common form of low back pain is known as “non-specific” For almost all cases there is no one… Continue reading Low Back Pain, a cause often missed.