Fixing neck hump – what can I do?

Fixing my neck hump – what can I do about it?

People of ask our Newcastle Chiropractor about “fixing my neck hump”?
This neck hump is also commonly referred to as a Dowager’s hump. As people are spending more time on phones, at the computer for desk and are less aware and of the postural stressors these activities place upon your spine, this is something more people are looking for help with from our Newcastle Chiropractor.

So let’s have a look at what a Dowager’s hump is and its causes, before we look at a few simple things you can do the help manage it.

What is Dowager’s Hump?

Dowager’s Hump is characterised by the abnormal forward curvature of the upper spine, resulting in a noticeable rounding of the upper back and shoulders form a side view. It’s commonly associated with a stooped forward head posture posture, giving the appearance of a hump at the base of the neck. This condition often develops slowly over time, yet is something we are seeing in younger people – with a greater prevalence in women.

Often the problem is observed by the person with it, and as well causing spinal related problems, it can also lead to emotional concerns around appearance.
Understanding the exact postural and spinal deformities that may be causing this physical shift in appearance is best done by a professional. This is often assisted in by X-ray analysis. This allows for the most appropriate treatment.

What factors contribute to the development of a Dowager’s Hump?

It is often a combination of different factors, which we will break down into 2 categories – postural and structural


Prolonged periods of poor posture, such as slouching while sitting or using electronic devices, can gradually reshape the spine. This is particularly true during adolescence and young adulthood when the spine is still developing. The additional and abnormal loading placed upon the spine (joints, discs, bones) can contribute to structural deformity with time.

Habitual poor posture can cause the muscles and ligaments in the back to adapt to the rounded position, making it difficult to maintain proper alignment. Weakness and imbalance in the muscles that support the spine can exacerbate the curvature of the upper back.


Scheurmann’s disease is a condition which creates wedging to the front side of a normally square shaped thoracic vertebrae. This wedging creates an increase in the thoracic kyphosis. Scheurmann’s disease is more frequently seen in teenage boys and males. It has a genetic component to it and can cause be cause by trauma to spine effecting bone growth. 

Spinal arthritis can cause loss of spinal disc height and changes to the shape of vertebra of the time. This degenerative change to the structural integrity of the spine can lead to spinal rigidity and deformity, which in turn leads to visual and postural changes.

Osteoporosis can lead to structural alterations within the spine. This condition causes the bones to become porous, weak, and more susceptible to fractures. As the bones in the spine lose density and strength, the vertebral bodies can collapse, resulting in an increased curvature of the upper back. The weakened vertebrae are less able to support the weight of the upper body, leading to the characteristic hunched appearance.

Fixing neck hump – what are the common concerns?

People presenting to our Mayfield (Newcastle) Chiropractor often share similar concerns and issues with their health, these include:

  1. Pain and Discomfort: The hunched position can strain muscles and ligaments, causing pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.
  2. Reduced Mobility: The curvature can limit the range of motion in the spine, making it challenging to perform daily activities.
  3. Self-Esteem: The visible hump can lead to self-consciousness and a negative body image.
  4. Breathing Difficulties: Severe kyphosis can compress the chest cavity, potentially impacting lung capacity and breathing.
  5. Increased Fall Risk: Poor posture and balance issues associated with Dowager’s Hump can increase the risk of falls, especially in older individuals.

What can I do to fix my neck hump (or improve it)?

This is dependent on the cause of the increased upper thoracic rounding.

If the cause is from a postural changes and there remains healthy spinal flexibility and no signs of advancing spinal arthritis, then certain therapies such as Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) may help.

CBP is the most researched based and advanced corrective Chiropractic technique focused on spinal rehabilitation and optimal performance.

Level Spine Chiropractic Newcastle (Mayfield) has the only Chiropractor in Newcastle to combine Chiropractic Biophysics with traditional Chiropractic treatment. 

Learn more about Chiropractic BioPhysics HERE.

In cases where there is fixed structure change such as Schurmann’s disease or moderate-severe spinal arthritis the goal changes. Instead of fixing the deformity it shifts managing it and optimising spinal function, flexibility and strength.

Whether the cause is postural, structural or a combination of both, awareness around postural stressors is important. Check out the video from our Newcastle Chiropractor’s with a few simple tips.

You can also find our postural information download in a previous blog from our Newcastle Chiropractor – click HERE and it will take you across.

It is important to highlight there are times where medical assistance is need, this may be in cases of osteoporosis, fractures or adult onset degenerative scoliosis. 

If you’re searching for how you can “fixing neck hump”, the first step is to figure out the reason for the abnormal change. Once that is established, then the best course of treatment, whether conservative or medical will be determined.

Finding the best Newcastle Chiropractor near me

Getting you spinal health back on tract requires a personalised plan, focused on all 3 aspects to your spinal health.

  1. Nervous System
  2. Structure
  3. Muscles

At Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle) we have the only Chiropractor in Newcastle to combine traditional Chiropractic care with CBP. This can offer may addition benefits when it comes to “fixing neck hump”.

If you looking transform you spinal health form pain and dysfunction to performance in the best and fastest way, then booking your initial assessment is the next step.

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