Better Spinal Health

The first step to finding a solution

Your first visit

We know that booking your initial visit can be one of the most challenging steps. That’s why we want to give you some information about what to expect when you attend our chiropractic clinic in Mayfield (Newcastle) for the first time.

On this visit, your Chiropractor (a local Newcastle practitioner) will gain an understanding of your presenting health issues and health goals.

We start by taking a thorough health history, providing us with an insight into any underlying causes and uncovering layers of potential past damage.

We then move onto a comprehensive spinal evaluation utilising our state-of-the-art software, which includes a:

  • Digitalised posture assessment
  • Surface EMG scan to assess spinal muscle balance and compensation patterns.

At Level Spine, we pride ourselves on using the latest chiropractic technologies in Newcastle.

A physical exam will follow and involves: Spinal range of motion assessment, muscles testing, orthopaedic testing, reflexes and spinal palpation (feeling the alignment of your spine) to locate spinal misalignments and any other painful stimuli. If indicated, you may be referred for spinal X-rays.

Our specific, objective series of tests allows us to locate the precise cause/s of your presenting concerns and determine your baseline level of spinal heath.

Your baseline scores will be used to accurately track and compare your progress to ensure we are optimising your spinal health.

Please allow 45 minutes for your initial visit to our chiropractic clinic in Mayfield (Newcastle).

Your second visit

This is what is called your Report of Findings visit.

This visit is about helping you understand more about your current problem, the importance of spinal health and what options you have to get the results you are after.

In preparation for your Report of Findings, your Newcastle Chiropractor will have studied your test findings and created a personalised program.

Your Chiropractor will cover:
  • Importance of spinal health and its connection to whole body health
  • An in depth understanding of your spinal health including:
    • Normal posture and how your posture compares
    • Normal spinal function and how your spine compares
    • Normal spinal structure and how your structure compares
  • Answer any questions
  • Discuss your treatment options including a personalised program

This is an important visit because of the information delivered and the decisions that you may need to make. 

Some people feel that bringing a partner or spouse along can be beneficial and we encourage you to do so if that makes you more comfortable!

We aim to inform you in a way that is easily understood and give you the opportunity to make the best decision for yourself.

As professional chiropractors in Newcastle, we want all our clients to make informed choices.