Healing requires these 3 things.

Healing is a journey.
The symptoms and dis-ease you may be experiencing can be a result of a dysfunctional system gathering momentum over time. This is the result of a process.
There may have been a particular event which has cause trauma and resulted in an injury.
Either way, the process of healing is a journey.

It can be challenging to remember this. I’ve experienced this myself and often hear the frustration of people. I understand how concerning it can get at times.

Helping people bring ease back to their body by restoring better spinal health is what Chiropractic is excellent at doing.
When working with any aspect of the body’s physiology (including healing), there are a few principles to remember.


Healing takes time.
This is first key principle to remember. Although we mostly all know it, at times we can easily forget! Healing times are going to vary for a combination of different reasons. For example, the cause of the dis-ease, the individual the duration of the problem, severity ect.


Healing take repetition.
Long term results requires consistency. Repetition is vital for unwinding negative habits causing dis-ease. It’s also essential in rebuilding positive health habits.
If it will aid the healing journey, it will likely require a level a repletion to give you the best outcomes.

Healing isn’t linear.

The healing journey usually doesn’t occur in a linear fashion. Ups and downs are all too common. That’s OK, as long as the trend is upwards. Keep the big picture in mind at all times, it will help you to remember where you were and where you’re going.

Is you health enough of a priority to better it?
The journey is may not be easy at times, but committing to it and respecting the process will reward you with the outcomes you deserve.
If you would like to experience how Chiropractic care can get spine healthy and body performing better you can do one of 3 things:

1. Organise a COMPLEMENTARY PHONE CONSULTATION with our Chiropractor to ask any questions you may have and to see if we are right for you.

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