Hip Hinge for Beginners

Hip Hinge for Beginners You’ve probably heard “Don’t bend from your back”, but what should you actually be doing…How you move your spine everyday plays a big role in our long term spinal health. We know that bending patterns throughout the day can actually be a stress on your spine if repeated inefficiently.By swapping inefficient… Continue reading Hip Hinge for Beginners


Man suffering from back pain on the bedroom.

CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT FOR LOWER BACK PAIN Lower back pain is a widespread problem. It affects millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that approximately 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain can be caused by a range of factors, including poor posture, repetitive strain, and… Continue reading CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT FOR LOWER BACK PAIN

Disc bulge treatment

Disc bulge treatment. As a local Newcastle Chiropractor based in Mayfield , may people seek our Chiropractic treatment to help manage and rehabilitated a disc bulge injury. You spine is complex system and has many layers to it. When an injury occurs, it often involves multiply levels. Although pain and neurological symptom are perceived to… Continue reading Disc bulge treatment


Lower back extension exercises may play an important role in your Chiropractic BioPhysics corrective program.This series of exercises will help you increase the stability of lower back by strengthening you lower back extensor muscles. By doing so, this will help support your adjustment and spinal traction.It is recommended that you work through theses exercises prior… Continue reading LOWER BACK EXTENSION EXERCISES

Core exercises for lower back pain

Practicing core exercises helps to create a strong, functional and pain free back…this probably doesn’t come as a surprise! What do you need for a healthy lower back? Our bodies are innately intelligent and are designed for optimal performance.In saying that, if we want our spine to continue performing optimally and to prevent problems developing,… Continue reading Core exercises for lower back pain

Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.

Posture is a window into the spine! Many of us are aware of poor postural patterns we can develop, like a head forward posture and slumping through upper back, which can result form: We are also often aware of the abnormal stress these postures places on our spines! Over time, these patters of poor posture… Continue reading Posture Tips: Don’t get stuck in a slump.

Tights hips leading to lower back pain?

Your tights hips and lower back pain may be connected… Your lower back and hips share a close relationship. They are right next to each other, sharing a number different muscles and movements, so they don’t often work in isolation! When both parties are in balance, things tend to work better.On the flip side, if… Continue reading Tights hips leading to lower back pain?


PULLED MUSCLE IN LOWER BACK? Lifting or bending injuries can often result in a “pulled” muscle in your lower back.A recent review highlight that lifting and bending are risk factors for developing lower back pain.As Chiropractors, a “pulled lower back muscle” and lower back pain is something we see all the time.Lower back pain is… Continue reading PULLED MUSCLE IN LOWER BACK?


June is scoliosis awareness month! At Level Spine Chiropractic we love helping people with with scoliosis. Chiropractic care can be a great means to help manage symptoms and in combination with specific Chiropractic adjustments, Corrective Chiropractic care can help to get a level of structural stabilisation and even improvement, meaning better long term results! So… Continue reading WHAT IS A SCOLIOSIS


When it comes to the long term health of your spinal, structural alignment matters – including your lumbar lordosis!That is, the shape of your spine is important. This includes how well your spine is positioned from a front-on view – your spine should be straight from top to bottom like a ruler.When looking at the… Continue reading LUMBAR LORDOSIS – STRUCTURE EFFECTS FUNCTION