Have you hurt your low back from bending or lifting before?

How often do you hear of someone hurting their back from bending down to pick something up or lifting up something?

It may in the gym, at work or at home.

You may have even experienced this yourself!

This is so often the case because people don’t engage proper form and technique when doing so. Especially if you are lifting something heavy at work or picking up weights at the gym.

But it’s also not uncommon for this to occur when someone isn’t even lifting something up. For instance, you may bend down to pick up a pen or tie your shoelace and all of the sudden you have buckled at your low back. If you repetitively bend and lift inefficiently the impact can accumulate over time and result in a lower back injury. Like the straw that broke the camels back situation. So even if picking up heavy isn’t a regular occurrence for you, bending down most likely is!

Using ‘“correct form” and “bending from the knees” is so widely know to help prevent low back injury and look after your spine.
But it is so often forgotten about and not applied.

Below is a link to a short video I have made.

Here I explain why it is so important to keep a neutral spine and use the muscles of your legs to lift.
I show you what it looks like when you don’t use good form, what can happen to your low back and how you can hurt your spinal discs. I also show you how to use proper form and a few pointers to help you along the way!

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