Core exercises for lower back pain

Practicing core exercises helps to create a strong, functional and pain free back…this probably doesn’t come as a surprise!

What do you need for a healthy lower back?

Our bodies are innately intelligent and are designed for optimal performance.
In saying that, if we want our spine to continue performing optimally and to prevent problems developing, we need to actively care for it.
3 requirements for a healthy spine:

  • Efficient movement patterns – click HERE for a lower back mobility video.
  • Spinal stability – when it comes to your lower back this is largely provided by core muscles.
  • Normal joint movement and structural health- what Chiropractor helps you restore (if damaged) and keep healthy!

If we don’t actively look after this system then it can start to become dysfunctional and break down. This can eventually lead to problems like abnormal ageing, injury and pain.

It is well established that your “core exercises” play a vital role in lower back stability and health, but what are your core muscles?

Your core muscles are made up by more than just your “6-pack muscle”.
There are actually several layers of muscles… these include larger superficial muscles like your glutes, crossing multiple joints.
To the deeper and smaller muscles which surround your spine.
Your pelvic floor and diaphragm also factor into the large group of muscle making up your core.

What is the function of your core muscles?

Your core has plays a few different roles.

  • Your core muscles help to generate and control the movement of your lower back and hips. A well trained core is able to assist in smooth and controlled movement.
  • Core muscles provide spinal stability and strength. This helps you to maintain a neutral spine biomechanics when bending and lifting (learn more about this by clicking HERE) and hold better alignment. A strong and stable lower back is also therefore more resistant to uncontrolled (often micro) movements which can lead to pain and injury.
  • Core muscles creates a rigid torso whilst force is transferred outward through your limbs. This is essential for every day tasks like walking and picking things up to sports like kicking a football or hitting a tennis ball

What core exercises for lower back pain can I do?

Our Newcastle Chiropractor Sasha will take you through a series of fundamental core exercises to help with lower back pain the video below

Basic care rehab exercises for lower back pain.

As mentioned in the video, below are the sets and reps of each exercise

Modified clams: 15-25 reps, 2-3x per side
Front plank: Start at 30 seconds and build to 60 seconds, 2-3x
Side plank: Start at 30 seconds and build to 60 seconds, 2-3x
Bird-dog: 10-15 reps, 3-5x per side
Glute Bridge: Build up to 60 second holds, 3-5x

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