Lifting or bending injuries can often result in a “pulled” muscle in your lower back.
A recent review highlight that lifting and bending are risk factors for developing lower back pain.
As Chiropractors, a “pulled lower back muscle” and lower back pain is something we see all the time.
Lower back pain is a symptom rather than a diseases. It can present in many different ways (varying symptoms) and can be a result of a direct event (injury) or a build up of micro-traumas, poor function and weakness over time.

Your spine is the core structure of your body.

It has ideal shape to it and at the same is designed to move. Movements are initiated from your spine and power and force transfer outworks to your limbs.
All your “core” muscles attach to your spine and help to initial and stabilise movement.
Your spine is deeply connected to your nervous system and just like the rest of your body, your spine – and all the muscles that attach, are controlled and coordinated by your brain.

All these things must be in alignment and work in harmony for your spine to function optimally and remain healthy.

When you have “pulled a muscle” in your lower back from normally daily activities, its usually because the above mention factors aren’t in sync, and may not have been for some time.

When your spine, muscles and brain aren’t working in harmony, spinal dysfunction develops (stuck joints, muscle imbalance and poor spinal control and stability).
If dysfunction is left uncorrected, it can progress and ultimately reach a tipping point resulting in pain, injury and dis-ease result. (Think about a cause and effect relationship here.)

The straw that broke the camels back…

Poor “form” on repetitive bending a lifting movements done throughout the day, create faulty movement patterns which feed into the cycle of spinal dysfunction.

These bending and lifting movements we so often do, we so often don’t think about HOW we do them… and that’s where the problem lies!

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say… “I was just bending down to tie my show and I pulled my lower back”…
That’s not a normal thing to happen!

This poorly performed bending movement is often the straw that broke the camels back.

Our Newcastle Chiropractor Sasha, dives deeper into the how this type of lower back injury occurs and how then how can create a better movement pattern for bending and lifting.

Have you hurt your back lifting or bending before?

I need to make sure I’m clear on one important point here. I’m not suggesting being “scared” of bending and lifting, it’s a movement we are designed to do…just do it with good form! Move your hips, bend your knees and use your legs!

4 steps to to changing this habit:

  1. Become aware
  2. Learn how to do it better
  3. Be disciplined
  4. Self reflection

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