Straight Neck?

Straight Neck? What does your neck curve look like.

What is a normal neck curve?  

Our neck isn’t designed to be straight. It is designed to have a natural “C” shaped curve to it, called a cervical lordosis. This normal posture provides “shock absorbing” properties for your spine and places even load throughout the bony pillars of the neck and not on the discs and nerves. When a natural curve is present, your neck is sitting in a neutral tension over your shoulders.
This allows for optimal movement, stability and neck posture as well as reducing the likelihood of neck pain, tension and injury. Every spine is unique, so the ideal curve for each person will be slightly different. To know exactly if a reduced or loss of normal posture is affecting you, an x-ray of your neck is required. 

How did I develop a straight neck?

Your spine can change over time with different stressors, advancing age and degeneration. There are two main types of physical stressors that alter normal neck posture.

  • Injury and trauma:
    Such as sporting injuries, motor vehicle crashes, falls and any other trauma that directly or indirectly injury your neck and upper back region.
  • Poor postures:
    Repetitive postures that keep your head forward and downward, in relation to your shoulders and can alter normal alignment. The most common postural stressors include prolonged phone use, poor computer and laptop setup and jobs requiring you to be looking downwards i.e. factory work or jeweler.

Soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and tendons begin to shorten (tighten) and lengthen (weaken). If this continues the abnormal loading placed upon the spine starts remodeling the bones over time, leading to spinal arthritis and increased spinal ageing.

What are the effects of abnormal neck posture?

Postural changes can cause tightness, neck pain, headaches and can create concerns for worsening spinal health and physical appearance. Longer term changes may lead to premature spinal ageing and arthritis.Spinal dysfunction and postural changes can also impact the jaw (TMJ), breathing, energy levels, and shoulder movement. 
Research shows that if underlying postural issues aren’t addressed, despite many treatments offering short term improvements, the problem often returns and can worsen with time.

How can my straight neck be improved?

Once your x-rays have been thoroughly analysed, we can determine your ideal neck curve. We then take into account a range of other factors (such as your medical history, work type, etc.) to set achievable outcomes. No matter what your level of spinal health the first goal is stabilisation. You don’t want things getting worse!If you qualify, improving your posture and neck curve is the next goal. 
Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is the most researched, non-surgical and results orientated, spinal curve corrective technique. With the use of CBP, our clients are addressing not just pain and disability, but optimizing spinal function and neurophysiology.

What does CBP treatment look like?

In addition to Chiropractic adjustments, CBP treatment focuses on posture correction. That may include some or all of the following:
– Mirror Image® adjustments
– Mirror Image® exercises
– In office traction on the Denneroll®  tables
– Home traction with the Denneroll®  or Scoliroll®  devices
– Neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises

How can you book a consultation?

At Level Spine Chiropractic Newcastle we have the only Chiropractor in Newcastle to combine traditional Chiropractic care with CBP. This can offer may addition benefits when it comes to “fixing neck hump”.

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