Neck rehab exercises may play an important role in your Chiropractic BioPhysics corrective program.
Practicing your corrective exercises helps to support your adjustments and spinal traction, encourages movement in the direction of a normal neck curve and builds muscle strength.

Neck rehab exercise #1: Mirror image neck exercises

This is the first video in our neck rehabilitation exercise series demonstrating 2 exercises.

The first exercise is a mirror image neck exercise, which you can then progressed to a pro-lordotic neck stretch.

We recommend you start by learning and becoming proficient in the mirror image movement pattern.

  • 10 reps each with 5 second holds.
  • Build up to 5 sets
  • 30-60 second rest

You can download and print the steps when to performing this exercise below.

Then you can progress to adding a counter resistance as demonstrated with in the pro-lordotic neck stretch

  • 10-15 reps
  • 1-2 sets

You need to perform one of the above exercise (or both) prior to laying on your cervical (neck) Denneroll at home.

Once you have progressed to the prolordotic neck stretcher, the mirror image exercise is still an important movement to do.

You can continue to practice it throughout the day, still with 10 second holds but without having to follow the sets and reps as mentioned above.

Neck rehab exercise #2: Deep neck flexor exercise

We recommend doing this throughout the day (at your desk, on the couch, at work etc) to break up static posture and gradually build muscle strength.

You can also do this prior to using your cervical (neck) Denneroll at home. If doing this exercise in a seated position becomes too easy, you can make this more challenging by do the same movement with your head hanging of the edge of your bed.

Neck rehab exercise #3: Posterior neck muscle exercise

We recommend doing this a few times throughout the day and when doing so, aim to hold for 10 seconds. This is also a great exercises you can do whilst stopped in your car, as you push your head backwards against the headrest.


Time and repetition is something you have probably heard our Newcastle Chiropractor Sasha say before. It’s the same principle when it comes to your adjustments, spinal traction and exercise.

There’s no quick fix or short cut to truly getting and keeping your spine and body healthy, it takes consistency. When you commit to improving your health and take action, it usually helps you get the best results!

If you have any question or uncertainties with these exercises, please ensure you check in with our Newcastle Chiropractor at Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield(Newcastle).

I’m not currently a client, can a Newcastle Chiropractor near me help?

You may experiencing neck difficulties and you are not currently a client at Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle).
The above neck rehab exercises are a great starting point and may offer you some relief.

If you are not wanting to just “patch up” the symptoms but maximise your spinal health and prevent issues recurring, then a holistic approach to spinal health may be what you need.

That’s why we offer our clients Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

Level Spine Chiropractic (Mayfield) has the only Chiropractor in Newcastle to combine traditional Chiropractic care with Chiropractic BioPhysics. CBP is the most researched, non surgical approach to long term postural correction and spinal re-balancing. To see how you may benefit from CBP click HERE.

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