The most advanced Chiropractic Technique

What is CBP?

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is one of the world’s leading Chiropractic techniques. CBP is available as a treatment at the Level Spine Chiropractic clinic in Mayfield (Newcastle).

CBP combines anatomy, biology, physiology, physics and geometry to quantify and address the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

It is the most researched and effective Chiropractic method for analysing and correcting spinal structure (ALIGNMENT).

Decades of multidisciplinary spinal research has given us an ideal model of the spine.

Using X-Ray analysis, our CBP Chiropractors in Newcastle objectively measure spinal structure and compare it to the ideal spinal model – enabling us to pinpoint structural imbalances.

Structural imbalances (such as altered spinal curves and abnormal shifts in the spine) create uneven loads/pressure on bones, discs and joints of the spine which can then in turn create tension in the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

This can result in postural changes, pain and loss of movement, accelerated and early onset of spinal arthritis, neurological symptoms such as numbness/tingling, and alterations in spinal cord and brain function.

CBP is the only Chiropractic technique shown to stabilise and correct abnormal structure of the spine, providing you with long term sustainable results (

Sasha Smycz, owner and principal Chiropractor at Level Spine Chiropractic in Newcastle, is an experienced CBP practitioner.

How CBP can help you?

Our chiropractors in Newcastle understand that changes to your spinal structure can adversely affect your overall health.

When your spine moves away from its ideal alignment it alters spinal movement patterns and creates uneven mechanical loading and altered nervous system function.  

CBP based care has been shown to help improve spinal structure, alignment and posture.

It may also help to:

  • Improve movement, reduce stiffness and decrease spinal pain.
  • Correct postural concerns such as: forward head posture, increased slouching, uneven shoulders and hips.
  • Increase body awareness and body control.
  • Manage symptoms of spinal arthritis.
  • Improve symptoms associated with Myofascial pain.
  • Treat headaches and their underlying causes.
  • Restore balance to the nervous system.
  • Treat physical components of whiplash injuries and post-concussion syndrome (PSC). 


Traditional Chiropractic care aims to locate areas of spinal dysfunction (‘locked up’ or poorly moving joints) and gradually restore more normal function back to those areas through precise Chiropractic adjustments.

As leading chiropractors in Newcastle, we understand that the alignment of your spine directly influences how well you move.

An Ideal spinal alignment allows for better spinal movement and conversely, structural imbalances can alter and hinder normal spinal movement.

Underlying structural imbalances are often missed and therefore left uncorrected. As with any problem left unaddressed, it usually worsens over time.

At Level Spine Corrective Chiropractic in Newcastle, we combine CBP based treatment protocol alongside precise Chiropractic adjustments to restore both structural and functional spinal imbalances, which may help you get more sustainable results. 

What does my CBP treatment look like?

We must first determine if Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is going to be the most suitable approach for your individual case – this is achieved through our thorough client evaluation.

Our specific CBP corrective care plans are based upon current research and each personalised plan will utilise (as appropriate);

  • Mirror Image® adjustments.
  • In office traction on the Denneroll tables.
  • At home traction with the Denneroll or Scoliroll devices.
  • At home supportive exercises.
  • Mirror Image® exercises.

Our Newcastle chiropractors are also interested in helping to reduce any postural and mechanical stressors in our clients’ daily lives that may interference with best outcomes.
Stressors such as incorrect sleep or sitting postures are assessed and corrected, to create better habits during as well as after your corrective care program. 

Are there other researched non-surgical treatments to improve my curves?

Other than surgical means, there are no other researched, non-surgical forms of structural correction besides CBP. If you are looking for structural corrective Chiropractic care in Newcastle and want sustainable changes, then ensure your Chiropractor uses a CBP approach. CBP is the most research based corrective spinal care in the world ( ). No other Chiropractic technique has been shown to achieve correction of structural imbalances in either the short and long term as with CBP.

There are no “shortcuts or hacks” to correcting spinal structure: it requires knowledge, skill and commitment to your health. Our chiropractic clinic in Mayfield(Newcastle) seeks to help you on this journey.