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Fed up with pain and stiffness in your daily life? Life’s too short to live like that. As the trusted Chiropractor in Newcastle, we’ve helped thousands of people through pain relief and onto a path of improved health and vitality.

The first step to finding a solution

Take advantage of our special offer for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie locals with our initial spinal health assessment.


During your comprehensive assessment, we’ll cover:

  • Detailed history to understand your concerns and health goals
  • Surface EMG spinal muscle balance scan
  • Digital postural assessment
  • Comprehensive chiropractic evaluation
  • X-ray referral if clinically indicated
  • First treatment at no additional treatment fee!


When it comes to your spinal health, we don’t guess. Our thorough and proven processes ensure you receive the best possible care and results

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Many common symptoms often stem from poor posture and abnormal spinal alignment, these may include…

– Neck pain

– Headaches & Migraines

– Lower back pain

– Spinal stiffness

– Scoliosis

– Shoulder problems

– Hip Pain

– Forward head posture

– Lower back disc injuries

– Sciatica


1) Making your Initial Consultation
Easily book a time with our Chiropractor and experience our thorough state-of-the-art initial spinal health assessment.

2) Pathway to Better Health
After your assessment, our Chiropractor will discuss your findings, recommend necessary steps to manage and correct spinal issues, and provide estimated timelines and costs. With this information, you can confidently make the best decisions for your health.

3) Experience Vitality
Moving through your chiropractic care, you’ll rediscover how well your body can work naturally. With better posture and healthier nervous system, many people experience reduced pain, increased strength and performance, quicker recovery, more easy with daily activities and greater resilience to life’s challenges.

What Sets Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) Apart?

CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) is the most ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC treatment for postural correction.


CBP is a precise method for assessing spinal posture and correcting abnormal alignments. This results-driven approach goes beyond addressing pain and disability; it’s aimed at preventing poor spinal function and aging while optimizing your body’s performance

Many individuals experience significant benefits from integrating one or multiple aspects of CBP treatments alongside traditional chiropractic care. This may include:

✨ Mirror Image Chiropractic Adjustments
✨ Mirror Image Spinal Exercises
✨ In-office Spinal Traction (posture remodelling)
✨ Postural Retraining with the Denneroll system

CBP care not only helps you move and feel better but ensures long-term improvements in spinal health through better structural alignment, posture and spinal function.

Discover the Benefits of CBP for Yourself

Take advantage of our exclusive $57 New Patient offer (normally valued at $110).

Laurens van der Sluijs
Laurens van der Sluijs
Highly recommend for anyone looking for a local chiropractic clinic. Best chiropractor in Newcastle 5/5
Beth Curran
Beth Curran
Sascha of Level Spine Chiropractic has a wealth of knowledge and has been able to help my pain levels and headaches substantially. I have suffered with pain for over a decade from a car accident causing bulging discs in my neck and a running injury causing lower back pain and associated problems. I’ve been seeing numerous practitioners over the years but nothing has helped as much as the adjustments I receive from Sascha. Totally trust and recommend him!
Nikki Tabley
Nikki Tabley
So happy to have been working with Sasha for over a year now. I really appreciate the time that he has taken to explain the process throughout my time at Level Spine and he always gives me great tips to help me progress in my alignment journey. Thankyou 🙏🏽💫
Abbie Leigh
Abbie Leigh
Best chiropractor in Newcastle! I have been to a few chiros in Newy with lower back pain and straight away noticed the professionalism from Sasha. His expertise and knowledge is excellent and the adjustments he does are second to none. Alex is also a lovely receptionist and was really helpful with providing information on the treatment plan.
Last week was experiencing severe back/shoulder pain, I randomly walked in without an appointment, Sasha made time for me and seen me straight away! He has hands of magic and had me feeling better immediately, with most of the pain gone completely within 24 hours. I will forever be grateful for your service Sasha!
Dion Zaygy
Dion Zaygy
I am so thankful to Sasha for his expertise in putting my spine back into alignment, teaching me about good posture and how it improves my overall health by putting less stress on my nervous system. The exercises that I’ve been given help me daily by increasing the strength in my pelvis, supporting my spine, and has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders minimizing shoulder pain within a month. I am truly grateful as I spent so much money on acupunture and physio before Sasha was recommended to me.