Following your chiropractic adjustment, there are a few things our Newcastle Chiropractor recommends you do. These small but simple things help to support your Chiropractic adjustment and help prevent you falling back into old patterns.

4 tips following your Chiropractic adjustment at Level Spine Chiropractic Newcastle

Brisk walk following your.

After every adjustment we suggest going for a brisk 5-10 minute walk before you sit back in your car. Some of the changes within your body and nervous system happen at the moment of the adjustment, whilst some of the changes happen following your adjustment. Walking helps to keep your joints moving and muscles active, assisting your body and brain to efficiently integrate your adjustment.

Avoid forward head posture.

The big one here is avoiding looking down at your phone!
This is a common cause of neck, upper back and postural concerns which result in people seeking our help at Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle) in the first place.
So avoiding this posture will help you support you Chiropractic adjustment and better posture.

Sit with an even weight distribution.

This one is pretty simple, yet easy to forgot! Whether you’re back to work (at the desk), going home to sit on the couch or heading out to dinner, just remember to sit with even weight distribution between leg and right sides.
A big one to note here is sitting on a wallet! Also importantly to note, that sometimes crossing your legs can add extra stress to your S.I joints (joints in your pelvis) – so just pay extra to this one as well.

Stand with an even weight distribution.

Very similar to the point above, yet this time we’re talking about standing evenly! This is important if we have a sit/stand desk or if you’re on your feet at work.
It’s important to note if you prefer leaning on to one side. Often your work set up may encourage this, so you may need to level things out and square yourself up!

You can download a pdf. of what to do after your Chiropactic adjustment here.

If you’re wanting more posture tips you can implement throughout the day, head over to our “GOOD POSTURE BEGINS HERE” blog.

You can also download and print our “Get working on your posture” information sheet! from the blog.

I’m not currently a client, can a Newcastle Chiropractic adjustment near me help?

You may concern about a lower, neck or postural issues or looking to take better care of your spine… and at Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle) we care about your spine!

A great starting point is to check out our posture tips from our “Good posture begins here” blog and start implementing these.

Wanting to do more than just “patch up” the symptoms?

A holistic approach to spinal health may be what you need to maximise your spinal health and prevent issues recurring.

That’s why at Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle) we offer our clients Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

Level Spine Chiropractic Mayfield (Newcastle) has the only Chiropractor in Newcastle to combine traditional Chiropractic care with CBP.

CBP is the most researched, non surgical approach to long term postural correction and spinal re-balancing. To see how you may benefit from CBP click HERE.

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