At Level Spine Chiropractic we help people with neck, back and postural issue to get out of pain and reach their health goals.

We have a simple, yet effective way that we help you get the results you want.
Our overarching mission for you as a client is to get your spine healthy again!

There are 3 distinct pillars to our system that help us to achieve this.
These 3 pillars are:

1 – Objective testing
2 – Personalised care
3 – Evidence based

You’ll have a better understanding of why there pillars are import when we break them down! So let’s have a look.

1 – Objective testing:

This means that we accurately measure what we are testing and not just base our exam on what we see or feel. Although as Chiropractors using our hands to feel and adjust people forms the core of what we do, objective testing allows us to more accurately understand your level of spinal health and track your improvements. Some ways we objectively assess your spine health include a digital posture analysis, surface EMG scan to assess the electrical activity of your spinal muscles and EOS Xray scans to assess spinal structure.

2 – Personalised care:

Once we have a good understanding of your baseline level of spinal health, we can shape a personalised care plan in order to help you get your spine healthy again and achieve your individual health goals. Our personalised care plans are based upon your goals, our findings and the most relevant evidence for what we do. Which leads us to the third pillar…

2 – Evidence based:

The experience we provide you from your initial consult to your care are supported by recent and relevant evidence. Along with your values and our practitioner experience, the best evidence helps us to get you the results you deserve.