Get Neck Pain Relief with These 3 Stretches.

Seeking relief form neck pain is something most of us have probably done!

It’s an extremely common reason people come to visit the Chiropractor.
Consequently, we see and help a lot of different people get great results with:
– Neck pain
– Neck stiffness
– Upper back tension
– Neck related headaches

The experience of neck pain can be quite broad.
It can range from an anything between annoying tightness and discomfort from too much time on your phone or a poor sleep, to severe and debilitating pain with the presence of neurological symptoms form a herniated disc.

No matter the severity or duration of the symptoms, most people seek out not only short term relief, but correction of any underling issues.

Pain is often last occur and first to disappear!
Stretches can be a great way to help with neck pain relief in the short term, however long term resolution and prevention may require a more focused approach.

If you are after long term results, a proactive approach to spinal health puts you in a better position to achieve this.
That is where our focus at Level Spine Chiropractic resides. We help you get your body functioning as well as it should, so you can have a healthier and happier human experience.

CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC care is a successful strategy for optimal spinal health and whole body health!

What can this in the first place?

There are a number things which can throw your neck out of whack.
An acute injury such as a whiplash/concussion or a trauma causing a neck sprain/strain injury can give you a cranky neck (and potentially other symptoms as well). These often result from car accidents, sporting injury, falls and slips etc.
More chronic and subtle overuse issue also commonly give rise to neck pain.
These include: poor postural patterns, structural changes to the spine a spinal condition which Chiropractors’ refer to vertebral subluxation.
Vertebral subluxations are dysfunctional regions of the spine where spinal joints become poorly moving and stuck!

3 Stretches to help relieve neck pain:
Below are the 3 stretches you can try at home to help relieve neck pain. The video link below each stretch will take you to a brief video explaining how to them!

  1. Upper back stretch.
  2. Pec stretch.
  3. Upper neck muscles

What to do if you’re not getting the change you want.

If you have tried these stretches for neck pain relief and haven’t got the results you were after, you may need a thorough spinal health assessment.
A through evaluation will allow us to understand your current level of spinal health and
give us insight into any underlying causes impeding your ability to function at full capacity!
You can book a through full spine evaluation online by clicking HERE.