We use a surface EMG technology to scan your spine so we can better understand the level your spinal health

A thorough assessment is vital in helping you get the results you deserve.
Our surface EMG scan is just on of our objective tests, along with digitalised poster analysis, balance testing, range of motion and X-ray analysis (if required).

An in depth assessment means we can more accurately underlying spinal imbalances, which are often the cause of many symptoms such as:
– Low back pain
– Back pain
– Neck pain
– Headaches
– Postural concerns
– Poor sleep
– Injury

So what is a surface EMG scan?

EMG stand for Electromyography, which is a measure of electrical activity of muscles.
It simply requires placing small electrodes along the spine. It is safe, easy to perform, provides objective data to help track your spinal health and only takes a few minutes to perform.

If you would like to a surface EMG scan to better understand your spinal health, you can do easily do so, just BOOK ONLINE!

Why is muscle activity important for spinal health?

Spinal muscle activity provides a window to look through to better understand your level of spinal health.

When spinal muscles are well balanced, it may indicate healthy function in that particular region of the spine.
If surface EMG scan detects high levels of muscle tension, it may be suggesting muscle are compensating for a number of underlying issues.
Muscles may compensate for:
– Pain
– Injury
– Changing in spinal alignment
– Functional changes to your spine

Muscles then compensate by tensing up to brace and guard.
The MYOVISION SURFACE EMG is a way we can document this pattern of muscle guarding.

Objective testing, including a surface EMG scan forms the basis for our treatment recommendations and how we can accurately track progress over time.

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